How to Protect Your Fb Account from Hackers

By | 21 September 2019


This article should show you how to protect your Facebook account from hackers, how to detect that you have been hacked and also what to do when you notice that you have been hacked.

Securing your Facebook Account

The innovation of social media has brought with it, peculiar challenges, one of them being the issue of privacy and security online. How are Facebook accounts hacked? You may ask, Facebook accounts are hacked by organization data breaches, specialized software or good old social hacking techniques. Due to these challenges and the risks they pose, we have prepared a couple of nuggets to aid your privacy and security online.
You will find below a number of steps to keep your Facebook account secure.

  1. Never check the ‘keep me logged in’ box at the log in screen, this is because enabling this feature will increase the chances of Facebook hackers from gaining access to your accounts.
    However, you can check it when you’re using your personal computer or mobile device if it’s not being shared by other users.
  2. Do not share your Facebook password with anybody or other Facebook users for that matter.
    This can result in your account being hacked and your personal information stolen. Desist from sharing your Facebook account details, particularly your password, regardless of whom it might be. Yes, your boyfriend included, nothing lasts forever you know.
    Don’t also share your account with any online surveys or questionnaires. They may be hackers looking for your details to gain access to your Facebook account.
  3. Use a very strong password always, for your account: While this seems logical, you’d honestly marvel at just how frequently you get to see a password made up of characters of the user’s name and their birthdays. Always ensure to use long, lower case, upper case and symbols (!@^&) to make your password impenetrable and less prone to attacks. You should realize that even Facebook hackers are human and are bound to get tired at some point.
    As an extra security measure, you can also decide to change your Facebook password every 2 to 3 months.
  4. Don’t be too quick to download or install any software you are fed with online: or worse still fill in your details everywhere you are prompted to do so.
    Steps to take when your Facebook Account is Hacked
    You would know that your Facebook account has been hacked if you notice that someone other than you have logged into your account or if you get notifications about changes to your account which you did not authorise. If you notice that you have indeed been hacked, then take the following steps:
  5. Tap ‘Need help’ and proceed to ‘Help Center’.
  6. Click on ‘Privacy and Safety’, next you click on ‘Hacked and Fake Accounts’
  7. Select the title “I think my account is hacked…” and proceed to link for securing your account.
    3 Tips to Secure your Facebook and make Hack Proof
    Enable ‘Login Notification’. When you do this, whenever anyone tries to login with your Facebook details, you’ll get a Notification on your mobile device and you can promptly change your password and shut them out.
  8. How to do Enable Notification
    i. From Home -> go to Account Settings -> click on Security tab -> enable Login Notification. Put a Check Mark on your preferred choice and Save Changes.
  9. ii. Confirm Active Sessions. If you observe an unfamiliar location or mobile device, this shows that your Facebook Account is compromised.
    Click on ‘End Activity’ and promptly change password afterwards.
    iii. The last step is to secure your browsing to secure your account.
    From Home-> go to Account Settings -> click Security -> and enable Secure Browsing and you’re done.

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